Automation Solutions

Our automation control products are based around our Operator Control Station (OCS) concept and are used in all areas of automation.

OCS combines a Controller, Operator Interface, Network and I/O into a single product.

  • X-Series Controllers

    The OCS automation solution is comparable with a mid sized PLC in terms of performance. Programmed by a single, powerful ladder logic software package, you can actually develop Operator Interface screens within the ladder software as well as the automation control functions.

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  • Remote I/O

    Our I/O systems are Integrated within the OCS, pluggable into or remote mounted to the OCS. Our extensive I/O range encompasses both Digital Modules and Analogue Modules which feature inputs from most Temperature Measuring Devices.

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  • Software

    Learn more about our Cscape™ software for controllers, as well as our Envision software for file transfer and remote controller access via personal computers.

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  • Accessories

    Browse compatible accessories for our automation control products, including GPS Receivers, Receptacles, Signal Conditioners and more.

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