• Mountable directly on the back of the unit
  • Wide variety of I/O and specialty modules
  • Massive analog range
  • Compact and stackable
  • Communications modules available
  • Over 50 modules in total
  • Available in plastic for QX and NX ranges
  • Available in metal for Classic OCS

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  • I/O for OCS and other fieldbus systems
  • Connects via CsCAN
  • Up to 252 modules on a single network
  • Compact, DIN-rail mounted, removable terminal strip
  • Profibus and DeviceNet versions - complete with connection plugs
  • Simple control via the TIU operator interface
  • Expands I/O capacity, local or remote
  • Easy to set up, easy to configure

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  • Connects via RS-485 Modbus/RTU to an XLe, QX, LX or NX Operator Control Station or any other OCS/RCS family controller
  • A total of 31 SmartMod™ I/O modules may be daisy chained on a single RS-485 link
  • DIN rail mountable
  • Optical isolation
  • Response time suitable for most analog applications
  • Fits in the smallest panels: 17.5mm x 100mm x 120mm (0.69" x 3.94" x 4.72")
  • 12 different SmartMod™ I/O modules are available to choose from

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  • Ethernet SmartRail™ is compatible with full Ethernet Systems (XL6, QX, RX, NX, & RCX)
  • X-Series ready
  • Capable of handling digital, analogue, mixed, RTD & thermocouple signals
  • DIN rail mountable
  • Easy to expand
  • Powered by 24V DC
  • Completely configurable from Cscape™ (9.1 or Higher)

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  • Has highly noise immune bus extension
  • Supports up to 20 SmartStack™ modules
  • Allows SmartStack™ I/O to be mounted remotely from OCS
  • Uses inexpensive plastic fiber technology

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  • 3-phase power monitoring with three current (0-5A CTs) and voltage inputs (480V, direct connect or PTs)
  • CsCAN network connection provides a fast flexible communication path
  • SmartBlock™ package allows convenient mounting close to the monitored source
  • Onboard relay allows load shedding, alarming or other local switching
  • By using ACM300, a single OCS can monitor multiple power circuits

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